Meet Adriano

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Adriano gives a voice to New Yorkers living behind bars. As a paralegal case handler for our Prisoners’ Rights Project, Adriano helps handle advocacy for prisoners in New York State prisons as they deal with some of the most devastating aspects of incarceration, from assault and sexual abuse at the hands of corrections staff, to the denial of basic medical care.

Defending Prisoners

we work to create more humane conditions in New York City jails and New York State prisons.

For over 40 years, the Prisoners’ Rights Project (PRP) has defended some of our city’s most vulnerable individuals: the incarcerated. Over the years, PRP has grown to offer a number of essential services to incarcerated New Yorkers facing a host of legal challenges. Today, PRP staff assist clients with matters involving healthcare, mental health services, and violence, addressing the crucial issues of guard brutality, sexual abuse, and unsafe and unsanitary living conditions. As Adriano puts it, “we work to create more humane conditions in New York City jails and New York State prisons.”

And while Rikers Island has rightfully become the epitome of New York’s mass incarceration problem, Adriano sees it as part of a bigger issue. While the population at Rikers Island continues to drop, Adriano is quick to remind us that the New York State prison system still holds 50,000 people, many of whom face conditions much like those at Rikers island. That’s why Adriano works to defend the constitutional rights of prisoners across the state. As he explains, PRP is a beacon of hope for people with nothing left: “There aren’t many other places to turn when a loved one is facing abuse or mistreatment in prison.” Thankfully, PRP is there for these New Yorkers.

Our Impact


incarcerated new yorkers served annually

Adriano is making an impact in every borough. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Adriano is proud to serve his hometown. “I knew that coming out of school what was important to me was something that gave back to the community.” Now, for more than five years, he has helped PRP make a difference in the lives of thousands of New Yorkers. Each year, PRP protects the rights of over 55,000 incarcerated individuals through direct representation and class action litigation. And, as Adriano notes, PRP is a national trend-setter when it comes to defending the rights of the incarcerated. “The cases we bring not only make systemic changes throughout the state, but also serve as a template for other organizations across the country.” For years, this has proven true. Whether we have fought against guard brutality or unsafe living conditions, we have made an indelible mark on our state’s prison system, improving the lives of New Yorkers every step of the way.

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