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Adriene Holder

Attorney-in-Charge, Civil Practice

For more than 27 years, Adriene Holder has devoted her entire professional career to challenging poverty and racial injustice. As Attorney-in-Charge of our Civil Practice, Adriene manages more than 500 staff members, including attorneys, paralegals, social workers, and investigators who work together across all five boroughs to provide comprehensive civil legal services. Through her leadership, our Civil Practice makes our city a better place for all New Yorkers.


Client Matters Handled
Each Year

Adriene’s career has focused on helping New Yorkers in need. She began as a staff attorney in our Housing Law Unit in Harlem, helping keep tenants in their homes and out of homeless sheltera. After representing New Yorkers in housing court, she used her experience to push for lasting, systemic change as a member of our Law Reform Unit before becoming the head of the Harlem Community Law Office. For over 14 years, she has led the Civil Practice to new heights.

Our Civil Practice is a beacon of hope for New Yorkers in need. Our dedicated staff assist people with legal issues involving housing and homelessness, immigration, employment, domestic violence, healthcare, public benefits, education, and so much more. Through 21 unique projects and units, we handled 52,516 individual cases last year, defending the rights of our clients and giving them a voice.

In the last year alone, our Civil Practice has:

·         Advocated for historic rent reforms that will keep more New Yorkers in affordable apartments.

·         Helped secure essential protections for young immigrants who have been neglected, abandoned, or abused.

·   Taken on NYCHA to protect the rights of the thousands of New Yorkers living in their buildings.

Adriene has pushed the Civil Practice to fight for these systemic changes that have benefited countless New Yorkers. Her longstanding dedication to our mission and to our City helps us bring justice to every borough.