Meet Angela

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Angela is making an impact on our city’s youth. As a staff attorney in our Juvenile Rights Practice, Angela gives children a voice in the courtroom. But that’s not all. Angela dedicates her time and talent to helping her fellow New Yorkers, giving her youngest neighbors an opportunity to thrive.

Creating Opportunities For Young New Yorkers

Angela is a native New Yorker. Growing up in the NYCHA projects in Far Rockaway, Angela had a first-hand experience with the poverty her clients face. But she would not let her circumstances steer her path. As Angela explains, “I was a high school dropout and a teenage mother. And now, I am a lawyer.” While Angela is proud to help children across our city through her work as a staff attorney, her personal experiences have shaped her career and have driven her to make a lasting impact on the lives of New Yorkers in need.

I was a high school dropout and teenage mom. And I became a lawyer. I try to show my clients that we all have a choice in our future.

It all started when, in court, Angela began to see her neighbors across the table as clients. And, while she was able to defend their rights in the courtroom, Angela wanted “to do something to help them have a better life” and ensure that they could avoid legal trouble in the future. She wanted to use her own story to show her clients “that we all have a choice in our future.” That is why, in addition to her life-changing work as an attorney, Angela also started her own non-profit organization, Project Window. Through Project Window, Angela helps the young women of Far Rockaway. As Angela knows, some of these kids have been severely limited by their backgrounds. “Some children have never left Far Rockaway, some have never been to a restaurant.” Angela offers these children a number of unique experiences: from etiquette classes, to field trips, to help with school applications and prom outfits. No matter what challenges our clients face, Angela is determined to steer these young New Yorkers towards a brighter future.

Making A Difference

Angela’s work has a lasting impact on the lives of her clients. Both as an attorney and as the head of Project Window, Angela sees that she “has a unique opportunity to change the path for children.” And Angela takes full advantage of that opportunity. Whether she is fighting to secure essential educational support for a client, or just teaching young children how to take advantage of resources in a local public school, Angela empowers all those she serves. Angela is giving the next generation of New Yorkers the tools they need to build a better tomorrow.

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