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Anthony Posada knows what the criminal justice system can do to families. His own father spent 25 years in prison, and was deported back to Colombia last year. Now, as a supervising attorney for the Community Justice Unit, Anthony is giving vulnerable New Yorkers across our city something he never had: a support system.

Our Community Justice Unit


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The Community Justice Unit (CJU) was founded to help provide essential legal services to members of “Cure Violence” Programs, New York City’s approach to curbing gun violence. Originally intended to provide legal services to New York’s Crisis Management System, CJU has grown considerably in the last several years. As part of the “Cure Violence” movement, where gun violence is viewed as a public health issue, CJU has offered proactive outreach and robust legal services to underserved communities numerous ways. As organizations within the movement continue to protect communities from gun violence, CJU has played an active role in supporting this important mission.

We want to be in a position to work in communities directly, getting to be with individuals before an issue arises.

Growing up with his father incarcerated, and now as an attorney, Anthony has a unique perspective on the role our justice system plays in communities. Looking back on his own life, he sees that you can’t just serve individual clients, but that “the community needs to be serviced.” As Anthony puts it, “at the end of the day, each case is a person who is going to return to their family and their community.”  Today, this idea drives the CJU to empower communities and give them the resources they need to thrive: educating youth groups on mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline, helping clients with early pre-arraignment services when interacting with police, advocating against NYPD’s secretive gang database, partnering with other units within LAS to seal clients’ conviction records and provide Know Your Rights workshops, and everything in between. CJU strives to help these underserved neighborhoods, offering a support system to areas that have been neglected for far too long. While CJU’s takes on a broad scope of legal matters, they are all inspired by a simple idea: “We want to be in a position to work in communities directly, getting to be with individuals before an issue arises.” Engaging and empowering these forgotten neighborhoods is making equal justice a reality across our city.

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