Meet Beau

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Beau is defending survivors of domestic violence. As a staff attorney in our Family Law/Domestic Violence Unit, Beau helps these vulnerable New Yorkers move away from abusive partners and towards a brighter future. Whether he is representing his clients in the courtroom, or offering free legal advice to survivors, Beau is giving a voice to those who have suffered in silence for far too long.

Defending Survivors

Now we are standing up for people who no one has ever stood up for in their entire lives.

Beau’s work provides essential services to women in need. Of the 30 clients Beau is working with, 29 are women. Beau’s work in and out of the courtroom connects women with essential services, helping them create a stable life for themselves. Unfortunately, many women still have issues accessing our help. In Staten Island, where Beau is based, Beau is the only attorney offering free help in contested divorce cases for domestic violence survivors in the entire borough. While every other borough has more resources for this most vulnerable population, on Staten Island Beau is the only legal help for these women.

Thankfully, Beau works hard to connect with those in need. Here, The Legal Aid Society offers a unique advantage for Beau’s clients. “Part of Legal Aid’s goal is holistic services,” he explains. “We don’t just deal with the legal problem in front of us.” For Beau, this means working alongside some of our community partners to give our clients the help they need. Oftentimes, Beau will refer his clients to the Family Justice Center, where they can get “anything they could need: counselors, family-planners, social workers, even fun family activities.” Beau can also send his clients to other areas of our Civil Practice. A domestic violence issue can affect every aspect of life, from housing to debt to immigration status. Fortunately, Beau’s clients have access to essential legal help in all these areas. Even within Beau’s unit, there are attorneys who specialize in consumer law and immigration cases for survivors of domestic violence. With the help of Beau and his colleagues, survivors across our city can take a stand for themselves.

Empowering Staten Island

When Beau first started his legal career, he “always wanted to be in public interest law.” However, he didn’t have a lot of opportunities in his home state of Oregon. So, two years ago, he and his spouse sold their house and moved across the country to follow their calling of public interest law. Even though Beau still calls it “the craziest decision I’ve ever made,” he’s more than happy that he made it. Now at The Legal Aid Society, Beau is proud to defend his clients. “I definitely have a rewarding job, being able to help those who really need it.” And the women that Beau works with truly need help. As he explains “These survivors have been with abusive partners, they’ve been put down for 20, 30, sometimes 40 years.” Thankfully, Beau gets to change that. Through his work, he is making Staten Island a better place for women in need, one case at a time.  

Want To Join The Fight?

With your help, Beau and his colleagues can make equal justice a reality
for even more New Yorkers in need.