The Department of Correctional Services operates a free bus service for family members. The service is available for State prisons. The prisoner must apply for family members to use this service by filling out a "Family Visitor Program Application" which is available from either the Chaplain or the Guidance office. The application takes 3 to12 months to process. Information about the service can be obtained from the DOC Family Services Program 212-961-4052. In addition to the free service, a number of organizations operate buses for a fee: Prison Gap 800-734-3733, Flamboyant 718-325-6874, and B.U.V.S . 917-447-2310 (English); 646-234-4621 (Spanish).

More information about family visitation at prisons can be obtained by contacting the Osborne Association Family Resource Center at 800-344-3314 or visiting their website: