How do I get my bail money back?

If the defendant has made court appearances as required, cash bail should be returned at the end of the case. When the case is over, the judge should issue an order for the return of bail ("exonerating" the bail). The New York City Department of Finance will issue a check to the person who deposited the bail. If the case has ended in a conviction, 3 percent of the bail will be kept by the government. The Finance Department claims that it does this within 2 weeks of its receipt of the court’s order. In practice, it can take up to 6 or 7 weeks for bail to be returned after a case is over. If your bail has not been returned after 6 weeks, you can contact the Department of Finance at 212-487-3046 or 212-487-3050. You should have your bail receipt available when you call, so that you can provided the information they will need to find the case. The Department of Finance’s website contains other useful information about getting a bail refund, assigning bail funds, changing the address on the bail receipt, and more.