Meet Jaime

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Jaime is using her time and talent to assist New Yorkers in need. As a founding Board Member of our New Leadership Program, she is bringing our great work to the next generation of supporters. With the help of Jaime and her fellow Board Members, The Legal Aid Society is poised to make a lasting impact on our communities for years to come.

The New Leadership Program

The Legal Aid Society’s New Leadership Program (NLP) offers young professionals the opportunity to connect with our work. Through fundraising events, pro bono services, and networking, the NLP helps spread the word about our achievements and gives our younger supporters a way to make a lasting impact on our clients. As Jaime explains, she and her fellow NLP Board Members “want people to know about our work and get involved.” Whether it be through our annual Associates’ Campaign, our Winter Benefit, or through a number of Pro Bono Volunteer options, the NLP is an excellent way to take part in our work and support our mission.

These clients have a whole host of issues and we can connect them to the services they need.

For Jaime, getting young professionals involved in our Pro Bono work is essential to the NLP. From her own experience as a volunteer, Jaime knows that “the best way to understand what The Legal Aid Society is doing is to work with a client and see the impact you can have in their life.” One of Jaime’s earliest experience with The Legal Aid Society came when she volunteered in the Rockaways after Hurricane Sandy helping families who had lost everything in the storm. From filling out FEMA applications in the street with clients, Jaime’s involvement in our work has only grown. As a not-for-profit municipal consultant with Bloomberg Associates, Jaime has been supporting Project Clean Slate, an effort to connect eligible Detroiters with expungement services.  As she researched how other jurisdictions are providing expungement services, she immediately thought “what is The Legal Aid Society doing about this?” She connected with Emma Goldman, who is the head of our Case Closed to discuss how the Legal Aid Society is helping returning citizens move past their criminal records. When New York’s criminal record sealing law changed last year, Emma sprang into action and is now working with hundreds of clients across the city to seal their records in order to access employment and housing. Last summer, Jaime invited Emma to join a cohort of legal service providers, district attorneys and city leaders organized by Bloomberg Associates to share best practices and legislative and administrative advancements on expungement.  Jaime is proud to work with Emma to expand this crucial service to even more New Yorkers and with Jaime and the NLP’s help, Case Closed can continue fighting for New Yorkers in need.