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Sam is a young mother, trying to raise her family while living in NYCHA housing. For Sam and the hundreds of thousands of other NYCHA tenants, conditions over the years have gone from bad to worse. With unaddressed repairs, rodent infestations, and dangerous lead paint, these apartment complexes can be dangerous for New Yorkers. And, as we’ve seen just in these last few months, NYCHA buildings across the city have lost heat and hot water during some of the coldest days of the winter.

However, for Sam, the challenges of living in NYCHA are compounded by serious medical issues. Over the last few years, Sam has suffered a number of mini strokes – serious attacks that can lead to weakness, numbness, and even temporary vision loss. While Sam has not suffered any lasting medical complications from her mini strokes, they add a tremendous psychological burden to her already stressful days.

Balancing her family and her medical condition, Sam also had to deal with NYCHA. Sam’s apartment had several outstanding repairs that had not been fixed. But, when she tried to make her case to a NYCHA employee, the administration tried to kick Sam and her family out of the apartment, claiming she had threatened the employee. With nowhere else to turn, Sam came to The Legal Aid Society for help.

Heather, a paralegal in our Law Reform Unit, saw that Sam’s complicated medical history has had a severe effect on her life. After advocating on Sam’s behalf, we successfully pushed NYCHA to drop the case. Now, Sam and her family are no longer at risk of losing their home. We are proud to defend the rights of New Yorkers like Sam.

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