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Morenike is empowering tenants across Brooklyn. As a staff attorney for our Housing Group Advocacy Project, she is helping New Yorkers take on the illegal and underhanded practices of landlords throughout her borough. With her help, tenants are taking a stand for themselves and their communities.

Defending Communities

Over the last decade, gentrification has hit Brooklyn hard. Morenike has seen the process happen time and again in neighborhoods throughout the borough. Long-time residents who have lived in these neighborhoods for decades occupy affordable apartments, which are often rent-regulated. As waves of young professionals move into these areas, landlords jump on the chance to raise rents, and try to “churn out long-standing tenants” to cash in. These landlords often turn to unlawful practices, like illegally raising rents, threatening them with eviction, shutting off elevators, and creating dangerous living conditions for tenants. Without the financial resources to fight back, tenants are “just pushed out of these buildings.”  Thankfully, Morenike and her colleagues are here to take a stand for these New Yorkers.

landlords are trying to churn out these long-standing tenants.

Morenike is on the front-lines of the fight for tenants in need, helping organize tenant groups in neighborhoods like East New York, Brownsville, and Flatbush. Morenike gives these tenants the tools to fight back, whether that means “lawsuits against a landlord, letter-writing campaigns, and even rent strikes.” Morenike helps her clients take action, letting them be the agents of change in their own life. And this, for her, is an important piece of the work she does. Morenike is proud to give her clients “the resources to go beyond whatever action we are taking now.” The information she provides her clients can help them navigate the housing system in the future. In taking on these cases, Morenike empowers entire communities to take a stand for themselves.

A Lasting Impact

The clients that Morenike is working with are more than ready to take that stand. With her help, they are taking on landlords and creating resilient communities in the process. For Morenike, the victories come on many levels. Even as she helps clients navigate complex legal systems, her cases all have a human side. Just recently, one of her clients testified in from of the New York State Court of Appeals’ Commission on Access to Justice. Morenike was proud that her client was able to address the commission and tell them “what it takes to just stay in your home.” Her client’s compelling testimony is a reminder that this is still an uphill battle for many tenants. But with Morenike’s help, even more Brooklynites are getting a fair chance.  

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