Standing with DREAMers


President Trump has officially ordered an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Hasan Shafiqullah, Attorney-in-Charge of the Immigration Law Unit at The Legal Aid Society, released this statement in response to this devastating order:

“President Trump continues his xenophobic and malevolent campaign against immigrants with today’s decision eliminating deportation protections for thousands who came to the United States as vulnerable children or young teens. Despite the White House’s demagoguery, the overwhelming majority of these individuals have deep roots in their communities – attending school, holding jobs, and paying taxes. This shameful news also underscores this Administration’s unrelenting efforts to advance policies that polarize and play into people’s worst fears and prejudices. Our hearts ache for the thousands impacted, and we urge Congressional leaders to counter the President’s callous action by passing the DREAM Act immediately.”

The Legal Aid Society will continue to work closely with at-risk communities to ensure that vulnerable New Yorkers receive the essential services they need. We will tirelessly defend the rights of all those affected by the Administration’s heartless policies. Join us as we take a stand against President Trump and fight for our immigrant clients.