Legal Aid Secures Temporary Stay of Eviction for 60 Brooklyn ‘Cluster’ Site Residents

Brooklyn Supreme Court at 360 Adams St. Photo: Rick Kopstein

The Legal Aid Society secured a temporary stay of eviction today in Brooklyn State Supreme Court for 60 residents of local ‘cluster’ site housing. Last month, a Judge ruled that these residents can be evicted because they are not protected by rent stabilization laws. The Legal Aid Society is seeking that this stay remain in place, pending their appeal of the Judge’s decision, which will be argued on December 17, 2018.

“We are grateful that the court granted this critical stay for these families – many with vulnerable children – who were facing immediate homelessness,” said Sunny Noh, Supervising Attorney with the Brooklyn Civil Practice at The Legal Aid Society. “Once our appeal is filed, we are confident that the Appellate court will agree with our arguments, reverse the lower court’s decision, and allow our clients to capitalize on lifesaving protections afforded by New York’s Rent Stabilization Law.”