Patch: Charges Dropped Against 85lb Man Beaten By NYPD Cop, DA Says


Patch: Charges Dropped Against 85lb Man Beaten By NYPD Cop, DA Says

November 5th, 2018

By Noah Manskar, Patch Staff

Staten Island prosecutors are dropping their case against the 85-pound Staten Island man whom police violently arrested in September, but will not charge any cops either.

The Staten Island District Attorney's Office moved Monday to dismiss all charges against William Colon — whom Officer Vincenzo Trabolse was seen punching and shocking with a stun gun — following "a thorough and complete review of the evidence," a spokesman for the office said in a statement.

The office also will not pursue criminal charges against officers who were at the scene, the spokesman said, adding that all police conduct matters "are referred to the NYPD for any administrative action."

The NYPD said the incident is still under review.

Colon was arrested on Sept. 28 and charged with crimes including assault following an argument with his ex-girlfriend. Video of the incident shows Trabolse punching Colon and tasing him while he's pinned against a bed. Colon, who stands just 4-foot-8 and suffers from a host of health problems, was in a hospital for five days afterward.

Colon was accused of punching the woman, who could not be seen in the apartment when Colon was cuffed. But she told the New York Daily News last month that she wouldn't cooperate with prosecutors in the case. The officers didn't bother talking with her before arresting Colon, her lawyer told the paper.

Video of the arrest shows more than half a dozen cops in Colon's apartment that day, including Trabolse, who has been named as a defendant in four federal lawsuits over alleged police misconduct.

In a statement, one of Colon's Legal Aid Society lawyers said the case was one the DA's office "never should have brought" and repeated his call for Trabolse to be fired.

"While this dismissal does bring the right closure, it should not absolve the NYPD from terminating Trabolse, an officer with an established history of wrongdoing," said Christopher Pisciotta, the attorney-in-charge of Legal Aid's Staten Island Criminal Defense Practice.

The NYPD said Traobolse is on active duty. Eight body cameras at the scene "show officers responding to a domestic violence call," the department said.