Cynthia Conti-Cook Awarded Prestigious John Dewey Award for Distinguished Public Service


Cynthia Conti-Cook, Staff Attorney with the Criminal Special Litigation Unit, received the John Dewey Award for Distinguished Public Service at Bard College this past weekend. This award – established in 1990 at Bard College - recognizes extraordinary contributions by Bard alumni/ae and others to the public sector or in the public interest. It continues Bard’s tradition of honoring public service, embodied in the Episcopal Layman Award, which was given until 1983. The Dewey Award is named to honor the eminent American philosopher and educator John Dewey, the father of progressive education and an outspoken advocate of a ­system of universal learning to support and advance this country’s democratic traditions.

Previous recipients include Brandon Grove Jr. ’50, Helene L. Kaplan, Jack A. Blum ’61, Arthur I. Blaustein ’57, James H. Ottaway Jr., Elisabeth A. Semel ’72, Barbara D. Finberg, Connie Bard Fowle ’80, Amy L. Comstock ’81, Robert J. MacAlister ’50, Earl Shorris, Kenneth S. Stern ’75, James N. Rosenau ’48, Jennifer H. Madans ’73, William T.  Dickens ’76, the Reverend Stephen J. Chinlund, Richard G. Frank ’74, Roy L. Herrmann ’76, David L. Miller, Elizabeth Royte ’81, Jeffrion L. Aubry, Manuel J. Rivera, Hannah “Kit” Kauders Ellenbogen ’52, Mary D. Janney, Marion Nestle, Raymond Peterson, Pia Carusone ’03, Stephen M. Saland, José A. Aponte ’73, Valery Mikhailovich Monakhov, Herb Sturz, Alexis Papahelas ’83, Sean Patrick Maloney, Harvey L. Sterns ‘65, Catherine Gund, and David Harman.