The Legal Aid Society Releases 2018 “Can I Vote?” Guide for New Yorkers with a Criminal Record

The Legal Aid Society’s Community Justice Unit released a new “Can I Vote?” guide today to assist and empower New Yorkers who have a criminal record. This guide comes after announcements made by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo that his office would be issuing conditional pardons to many New Yorkers on parole, thus restoring their access to the ballot box. 

“Voting is a sacred right; and for many of our clients returning home, access to the ballot box helps with their full transition back to society,” said Anthony Posada, Supervising Attorney with the Community Justice Unit at The Legal Aid Society. “We applaud Governor Cuomo for issuing these pardons, but we want to ensure that impacted New Yorkers know full well their rights to vote following this news. We hope that our voting guide will provide clarity.”

The guide also details locations where individuals can register to vote, and includes other useful tips. Any New Yorker who is unsure of his or her right to vote should contact Legal Aid’s Community Justice Unit at 212-577-3385 or