NY1: Wife of deliveryman facing deportation pleads for his release

The wife of a pizza deliveryman who is facing deportation has made an emotional plea for his release.

Sandra Chica made the plea in a video.

She said her two young daughters miss their dad and need him to come home.

Pablo Villavicencio was detained by immigration officials on June 1 after delivering pizza to the Fort Hamilton military base in Brooklyn.

He had ignored an early deportation order and was supposed to be deported to Ecuador this week, but a federal judge granted an emergency stay.

Lawyers with the Legal Aid Society say they're hopeful he might stay permanently. 

"Nothing is easy, but I couldn't do this job if I didn't have hope and belief in our justice system, in the will of the American people," said Jennifer Williams, deputy attorney with the Legal Aid Society. "And with the amount of attention that Pablo has been getting, I really trust that ICE will do the right thing in this case."

Villavicencio is currently being held at a facility in Hudson County, New Jersey.