Statement on Rent Guidelines Board Final Vote

Adriene Holder, Attorney-In-Charge of the Civil Practice at The Legal Aid Society, and former tenant member of the Rent Guidelines Board, released the following statement tonight responding to The New York City Rent Guidelines Board’s (NYCRGB) vote:

“While we are in the midst of an affordable housing shortage and burgeoning homelessness crisis, it is mystifying that the Board voted to raise rents on the poorest residents for a second consecutive year. 

Low and middle income rent-stabilized tenants already suffer from high rent income burdens and declining residual income to support themselves and their families. The Board’s proposal to impose increases will exacerbate an already desperate situation. 

The Rent Guidelines Board’s stated goal is to protect ‘public health, safety, and welfare…and to prevent exactions of unjust, unreasonable, and oppressive rents and rental agreements.’ Yet, public health, safety and welfare are put in jeopardy when rents on some of our city’s most vulnerable continues to rise year after year.”