Clearing A Path To Stay In America

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M grew up in Burkina Faso during a time when the authoritarian government did not tolerate dissent. M was arrested for his political views, beaten, imprisoned and starved. After his release, M was re-arrested in less than a year and interrogated by the police about his political affiliations.

 Fearing for his life, M fled to the United States, hoping to escape a government that wanted him dead. However, now in the U.S., things continued to deteriorate. M was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and suffered a number of serious opportunistic infections in the years that followed.

Democracy has since returned to Burkina Faso, and so U.S. government officials wanted to force M to return to his homeland. However, we took a stand for M and argued on his behalf that, although he may be safe from political violence, M would now be in serious medical danger by returning. We even had a registered nurse from Burkina Faso provide written testimony on M’s behalf.

With our help, M won his case. He can now stay in this country and continue to receive the essential medical care he needs. Every day, our staff goes to great lengths to defend clients like M.