CBS Radio: Large Number Of Detained Migrants Transferred To New York, New Jersey Prisons


A huge influx of detained migrants have been transferred to New York and New Jersey prisons and are expected to remain there while their court proceedings play out.

Last month, President Donald Trump said he was strongly considering releasing "Illegal Immigrants" into sanctuary cities to punish congressional members for inaction on the border.

Jennifer Williams, Deputy Attorney-In-Charge of the Immigration Law Unit for the Legal Aid Society, now says it is no coincidence that 235 migrants have been taken from the southern border and place in jails surrounding New York City.

“I try not to be too cynical about it all,” she said. “Every week there’s something that is happening that really feels like it’s just an assault on due process and really just meant to wear us down.”

She says the move falls in line with past behavior from the Trump administration, which Williams says has been trying to deprive migrants of their rights for months.

Williams does note that the benefit for the migrants being placed in the New York City area is that it allows the Legal Aid Society to properly advise the asylum seekers on their rights.