Kings County Politics: Brooklyn Lawmakers On The Move May 31, 2019

Simon To Host Housing, Tenant Workshop

Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon (D-Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill) will host a housing workshop today for local residents.

At the event Simon will discuss rent stabilization, legislation to strengthen tenants’ rights, and local residents can get involved in housing advocacy. Speakers include Ellen Davidson from The Legal Aid Society, Andrea Shapiro from Metropolitan Council on Housing, and Balanda Joachim from the Carroll Gardens Association and Southwest Brooklyn Tenant Union.

The Assembly member will also discuss the “good cause” eviction bill, which would bring statewide protections to smaller housing units by allowing only reasonable rent increases set by a local price index. The measure is a proposed amendment to the state’s real property law and would prevent tenants in nearly any market-rate apartment from being evicted for not paying an “unconscionable” increase in rent.