NY1: Legal Aid Society Calls for Brooklyn DA to Investigate Landlord After NY1 Report


The Legal Aid Society is calling on the Brooklyn District Attorney to investigate a building manager and its owner after a NY1 exclusive story two weeks ago.

Our Housing Reporter Michael Herzenberg highlighted the stories of two women, each with two disabled children, living in squalor. They said the homes they live in have roaches, rats, mold and no smoke alarms.

The three-story building on Eastern Parkway, with just three apartment units, has more than 300 housing code violations, and almost 50 of them are categorized as extremely hazardous.

Legal Aid wrote a letter to the DA saying William Ferrerosa, the landlord or building manager, has enjoyed complete impunity from harassing and threatening the safety of his tenants for years, and that he and the owner, Lorenzo Martin, should not be above the law.

Neither has responded to our requests for a response to the allegations.