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LAS in the News 9.11.20

At The Legal Aid Society our Civil, Criminal Defense, Juvenile Rights, and Pro Bono practices work tirelessly in and out of the courtroom to defend our clients and dismantle the hidden, systemic barriers that can prevent them from thriving in New York City. We seek to be a beacon of hope for those who feel neglected —regardless of who they are, where they come from, or how they identify. Our experienced teams provide comprehensive services, support, and advocacy that protect rights, keep families and communities together, and in many cases, saves lives. We have an intrinsic connection to the daily lives of New Yorkers. Here are a few of the places we made a difference, provided context or added valuable perspective this week:

LAS condemns plan to relocate homeless New Yorkers, preps lawsuit to defend most vulnerable 

New York Times: N.Y. Will Move Homeless Men from Liberal Neighborhood After Backlash
CBS: NYC Relocating Homeless Individuals Currently Housed In Commercial Hotels
NBC: Homeless Population Housed at Upper West Side Hotel Will Be Relocated, Group Says
Politico: City moving homeless New Yorkers out of Upper West Side hotel after local outcry
NYN Media: Homeless men at Upper West Side hotel to be relocated after backlash
AMNY: City to remove homeless from Lucerne Hotel at behest of Upper West Side ‘NIMBYism’
Patch: Local Pols Rip Mayor’s Decision To Move Homeless Out Of Lucerne
City Limits: The Fight Over the UWS Homeless Hotel Might Not Be Over
Politico: De Blasio faces public scorn, internal dissent over homeless move
Fox5 NY: Homeless to be moved from UWS hotel after residents revolt
Pix 11: Community divided over removal of homeless New Yorkers from UWS hotel
NY Daily News: Disabled kicked out of shelter to make room for homeless men
Politico NY: Legal Aid to sue over Blasio plan moving residents with disabilities
KYR News: De Blasio boots over 100 disabled people from NYC shelter
Pix 11: Shelter residents dig in after being given hours to leave, make way for displaced men
NY Post: De Blasio abruptly boots over 100 disabled people from Midtown shelter
West Side Rag: Legal Aid Preparing Lawsuit to Stop Transfer of Homeless People
CBS2: Homeless Residents Moved Out Of Hotel To Make Room For Other Homeless Individuals
NY1: Legal Aid Plans to Sue City, Says Mayor Is Moving Vulnerable New Yorkers Out of Shelters

LAS calls for indefinite eviction moratorium as CDC ban falls short

MarketWatch: Gaps in the CDC’s eviction ban could leave some renters homeless
City & State: Federal eviction order prompts calls for further state action

More LAS in the news

The Crime Report: True Lies: How to End Abuses of Police Interrogation
NY Daily News: 20,000 DNA profiles flagged for possible removal from database
Radio: NY court: Public allowed to see police body camera footage
WSJ: Population in New York City Homeless Shelters Drops in Pandemic
Capitol Pressroom: Federal lawsuit accuses Cuomo admin of abandoning mentally ill New Yorkers
NYDN: 27 cops fired or forced out in 2019, NYPD says