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LAS Wins Criminal Case for Client Who Lost Left Eye During Violent Arrest

The Bronx District Attorney’s Office finally dismissed charges against Johanna Pagan-Alomar – a Legal Aid client who was brutally assaulted during a violent arrest last June by New York City Police Officer Theresa Lustica, reports the New York Daily News. While she was beating Ms. Pagan-Alomar, Officer Lustica’s handcuff keys gouged out Ms. Pagan-Alomar’s left eye resulting in the loss of that eye. Despite the loss of her left eye, other physical injuries, and the daily emotional trauma that Ms. Pagan-Alomar continues to suffer, the Bronx DA unnecessarily prolonged this case, adding to Ms. Pagan-Alomar’s suffering.

“I don’t understand how someone can be working with the community after doing something like this. The fact that she could go about patrolling the streets and interacting with civilians is really troubling,” said Nicolas Schumann-Ortega, Staff Attorney with the Bronx Trial Office at The Legal Aid Society.