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Watch: Lawmakers Say "Good Cause" Bill Could Curb Evictions in New York

The “Good Cause” eviction bill could help keep thousands of New Yorkers in their homes, according to PIX 11.

Currently, New Yorkers who live in unregulated or “market-rate” apartments without a lease can be evicted at any time, simply at their landlord’s whim. Even if a family has lived in an apartment for many years and they’ve been model tenants, they could be kicked out without any “good cause.”

Mayra and her family are living this scenario now. She, her husband, 3 daughters (ages 21, 10, 9) and 2 yr-old grandson have lived in their Bushwick apartment for 16 years. Her sister has lived upstairs for 20 years. They are hard-working immigrant families who have been battling their landlord for years over severe building conditions, including leaks which have made the ceiling collapse in her daughter’s room on 3 separate occasions; mold; lack of heat and hot water; and more.

As a result of Mayra’s complaints about the conditions, she believes her landlord is trying to evict her without any “good cause.” Her lease expired in 2012, and since then has been living without any protection from eviction. Unfortunately for Mayra, the law is not on her side and she is coming to the end of her legal battle. She is now facing the very real possibility of being forced out of her home.

“We have 600,000 households just in New York City, and another 1 Million across New York State, that can get evicted for any reason or no reason,” said Judith Goldiner, Attorney in Charge of our Civil Law Reform Unit.

Watch the full piece from PIX 11 below.