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Homeless Rights Project

The Homeless Rights Project protects and enforces the legal rights of homeless families and individuals in New York City. We do so by providing law reform representation to groups of homeless families and individuals as well as by providing direct representation for families who come to us through a toll-free helpline and our ongoing outreach in emergency housing facilities. The Project also serves as counsel to the Coalition for the Homeless, a nonprofit organization providing advocacy and direct service for the homeless in New York City.


The Homeless Rights Program (HRP) recently worked in collaboration with the Feerick Center for Social Justice at Fordham Law School, New York Law School, Safe Passage Project, and Human Rights First to establish a new procedure for families applying for shelter who are asylees, asylum-seekers, or survivors of human trafficking. This developed procedure exempts members of this group from components of the normal shelter application process that could potentially put them in danger.

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Learn more about our law reform work on our ligation docket.


Contact the Homeless Rights Helpline at 800-649-9125 Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.