Meet Tashi

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Tashi is protecting New Yorkers and their money. As a staff attorney in our Consumer Law Project, Tashi empowers his clients, helping them fight back against unscrupulous lenders and creditors. Through his work both in and out of the courtroom, Tashi offers a life-line to those struggling with financial insecurity.

Defending Consumers

Financial insecurity affects all aspects of a client’s life.

Our Consumer Law Project takes on a host of different challenges that our clients face. Debt collections, identity theft, auto and student loans, credit reporting, and unfair lending practices are just of few of the issues Tashi and his colleagues handle. “It runs the gamut,” Tashi explains.

Outside of this direct representation, the Project also takes strides to proactively protect the rights of New Yorkers through affirmative litigation and legislative advocacy. Whether they are going after fraudulent lenders or pushing for policy changes, Tashi and his colleagues are always looking for “more ways to make systemic changes.”

< 5%

of defendants in consumer debt cases have representation

Tashi’s work is helping vulnerable New Yorkers. After living as a Tibetan refugee in India throughout his childhood, Tashi moved to the U.S. when he was 17. He went to school, got his law degree, and moved to New York in 2009 to join The Legal Aid Society. Now, in his current role, his work is impacting clients from every borough and every walk of life. For Tashi, that’s no coincidence: “financial insecurity affects all aspects of a client’s life.” Whether its problems with student loans, car payments, medical bills, or taxes, the challenges that Tashi’s clients face can affect anyone.  Thankfully, Tashi and his colleagues are ready to defend these New Yorkers, giving them a fair chance at financial stability.

Our Impact

For Tashi, the work of the Consumer Law Project has important implications for all of The Legal Aid Society. “This work has to do with a power differential,” he explains. “One party has resources and representation and the other does not.” As Tashi states, that is a big problem not just for the clients we represent, but for our justice system. “The Fairness of our legal system is premised on both parties having equal resources.” But for New Yorkers facing consumer law issues, there is nothing close to equality. In New York City, less than 5% of defendants in consumer debt cases have representation.

With no lawyer on their side, these vulnerable New Yorkers are left to fight a lopsided legal battle on their own. That is why Tashi’s work is so important. Tashi and his colleagues level the playing field for New Yorkers in need, giving them a voice in the courtroom.Working with his clients, Tashi is upholding the rights of New Yorkers across our city, one case at a time.  

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With your help, Tashi and his colleagues can make equal justice a reality
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