Meet Victor

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As a Community Organizer in our Community Justice Unit, Victor works in neighborhoods across our city, helping New Yorkers with any and every legal problem they may have. Whether he is working with families affected by gun violence, or educating New Yorkers about their rights, Victor gives back to communities in need every single day.

Our Work In Communities

It’s a breath of fresh air; knowing my past and knowing where I am today, and being able to communicate my story with the youth.

Victor’s role within our Community Justice Unit (CJU) speaks to the Unit’s roots in the “Cure Violence” movement, where gun violence is treated as a public safety issue. CJU works alongside community partners, offering legal help, support services, and educational opportunities to people and neighborhoods that are at risk of violence. CJU offers proactive outreach, working within communities to provide help to New Yorkers before their problems get out of hand. With many neighborhoods in our city feeling neglected, CJU is a lifeline for ordinary New Yorkers who come into contact with the justice system.

Victor can speak to the many challenges these New Yorkers face. After growing up in foster care, Victor joined a gang and spent time in jail for an attempted robbery conviction. At 21, Victor was released, and since then he’s turned his life around. “I was embarrassed about my past,” he explains. Now, as a Community Organizer, Victor is a role model for the clients he works with. Using his personal experience within the system, Victor works with young people across city, offering them a path towards a better future. “It’s a breath of fresh air; knowing my past and knowing where I am today, and being able to communicate my story with the youth.

Our Impact

Victor, along with the rest of the CJU team, impacts the lives of New Yorkers across our city. In just one day, the variety of neighborhoods and clients Victor works with is breathtaking: helping clients get fingerprinted so they can seal their criminal records; working with the family of Saheed Vassell, a mentally ill black man who has killed by NYPD officers in April; coordinating workshops to help grassroots community organizations incorporate themselves as non-profits; planning community engagement training sessions for attorneys at some of the city’s most prestigious law firms; and much more.

But for Victor, even with all of the tasks he takes on, he never loses sight of what is important. “It’s bigger than the individual projects,” Victor states. “It’s about going to communities to ask them: What do you need? How can we service you?


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